China-ASEAN Expo announces its slogans


According to the Secretariat of China-ASEAN Expo, the collection of its slogan has come to an end, after which one main slogan and 5 sub-slogans were selected.

The main slogan of “Meet at the Grand Expo of China-ASEAN, and Compose a New Chapter for the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” shows the Expo’s willingness to make continuous efforts for the “21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”. The five sub-slogans were “Tourism Boosts Integration and Writes a New Chapter for the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”, “The China-ASEAN Expo, the Belt & Road Booster”, “Embark on the Journey of China-ASEAN Expo, and Taste Free Trade Zone’s Fruits”, “Innovating China-ASEAN Expo, and Upgrading Free Trade Zone”, and “Promoting Development with Belt & Road, and Creating More Opportunities through Nanning’s Channels”.

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