Residence and naturalization in Indonesia


Chinese citizens who plan to stay a very long time in Indonesia should apply for the residence permit from the immigration management department when they arrive in Indonesia apart from the visas that relates to their works before the arrival. There are two types of residence permits: one is the one-year valid KITAS and five-year valid KITAP. According to the regulations, foreigners need to hold the KITAS continuously for 5 years before they can apply for the KITAP.

Special notice: residence permit holders should pay attention to the entry times and prepare visas before leaving the country according to personal conditions. For those who finish residence should cancel the residence permit before they leave the country.

According to the regulations of Indonesian Government, foreign citizens who want to acquire Indonesian nationality should meet the following requirements: living at least 5 years continuously or 10 years non-continuously within the borders of Indonesia legally; having employment or incomes; having not been sentenced to one-year or more imprisonment; speaking fluent Indonesian and being healthy both physically and mentally. Applicants can submit written applications if they meet the above-mentioned requirements and wait for the approval of judicial department of Indonesia.

According to the new Citizenship Law published by the Indonesian government, Indonesia doesn't approve double nationality. The unmarried children who have one foreign parent and under the age of 18 can enjoy double nationality. When they turn 18 or get married, they have to choose one nationality.

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