Natural disasters in Indonesia


Indonesia is located in the circum-pacific seismic belt with frequent geological disasters such as earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption. Chinese citizens who travel in Indonesia should pay attention to their safety and avoid going to remote, inconvenient and undeveloped places such as Papua, Aceh and Maluku for exploration. Besides, the period from October to April is monsoon season, therefore, tourists are not recommended to travel in mountain areas and lowlands during raining seasons. Before going out, tourists should pay attention to the local weather and prepare for prevention of accidents.

The waves are very large in the coasts of Indonesia with turbulent underset, so tourists are not recommended to swim in the sea or step on the rocks and stairs near the water or go to the beach which has large waves. Chinese tourists should choose water activities according to their personal conditions. The elder, the underage and the inexperienced tourists should not participate in the programs like diving, snorkeling, parasailing and Banana Boat, and should be taken care of even if they are swimming in the pool.

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