Hometown of Chinese Eight-tone Culture showcases its charm


Recently, the 2018 Tourism Promotion Conference (Nanning) held in Yongning  District of Nanning showcased the cultural heritage and unique charm of Yongning  District to the guests and media through promotional films and live folk  performances.

"There’s Yongning first, and then comes Nanning." Yongning has a long history  of more than 1,600 years since its establishment in the first year of Daxing of  the Eastern Jin Dynasty (A.D. 318). On March 18, 2005, Yongning County was  transformed from county into district. Yongning District, located in the  southeast of the urban area of Nanning, administrates 5 villages and towns and  has a total area of 1,255 square kilometers and a total population of 350,000 of  which about 330,000 are Zhuang people. With rich cultural tourism resources and  sound ecological environment, the district is home to cultural and historical  sites such as Nagui Sakura Garden, Beiqiu Ruins of Dingsishan Mountain, Wusheng  Palace of the Qing Dynasty, and the Leipoling Cliff Inscriptions.

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