“Nanning Manual 2018” published to display its history and culture


Recently, it was understood from the Local Chronicles Compilation Office of Nanning Municipal People’s Government that Nanning Manual 2018, compiled by the office in partnership with Nanning Archive Bureau, has been published by Guangxi People’s Publishing House.

“Nanning Manual 2018” is an upgraded and newer version after “Nanning Manual 2017”. It reflects the social and economic developments of the city in 2017 and exhibits the history, culture, local customs and landscapes of the city geared in service of the general situation of the city’s development. To highlight the practicality and information intensity of the manual, the compilation group solicited contributions from 47 units such as Nanning municipal government general office, civilization office, technology bureau, tourism bureau, publicity bureau and poverty alleviation office, and consulted “Nanning Daily” and “Nanning Evening News” to find clues and organize the collection of pictures and contributions.

The manual is rooted in the reflection of the general situation of the city and records the development of such aspects as nature, politics, economy, society and culture of the city in a methodical and refined way. There are eight sections including “Nanning Overview”, “Nanning Focus”, “Industrial Development”, “Development Zone Construction”, “Social Livelihood”, “History and Culture”, “District and County Overview”, and “Living Information”. Big events of 2017 have been spotlighted including poverty alleviation, national civilization city for four consecutive years, China-ASEAN Expo, China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Nanning International Folk Songs Festival, influence of “Nanning Channel”, construction of Wuxiang New District, construction of “Smart Nanning”, construction of ecological city, “Beautiful Nanning · Livable Countryside”, construction of Nanning Metro, the opening of Metro Line 2, etc.

It’s understood that the manual keeps in line with the times and sets up “Scanning Codes for People’s Convenience”. When reading, readers can use mobile phones to scan relevant codes on the pages of the manual to download apps such as Nanning E-approving, Nanning Social Security, Nanning Police, Nanning Subway, E-hospital and E-bus for the great convenience of the people.

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