Nanning Railway Station


Before liberation, there was no railway in Nanning, except a few low level roads. Since October 10, 1950, a railway to Nanning started to be built. In the evening of February 23, 1951, the railway track to Nanning was laid, and on February 25, the station was open to the public, which was called “Nanning Railway Station”.

On March 10, the station was put into operation.

In 1978, Nanning Railway Station was renovated for the first time. All the old buildings were torn down, and the newly-built station buildings are still used today.

In 2000, the main station building was decorated.

In 2004, the station was renovated again, mainly including the renovation of two waiting rooms, the comprehensive renovation on the ticket hall and overpasses, the beautification of the entire station environment, as well as the corresponding supporting system construction.

With more than 50 years of development, Nanning Railway Station has become the first principal railway station of Liuzhou Railway Bureau with passenger and cargo transportation.

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