Shigong dance culture in Shanglin County of Nanning City


Shigong dance of Zhuang is a widespread religious sacrificial dance in the Zhuang community. It is called "Tune Sieve" or "Ancient Sieve" in Zhuang language. It originated from the primitive witch dance and was originally a sacrificial song and dance with superstition in the activities of Shi sect. It was always performed in “Anlong” (praying for rain), “Qingshe” (celebrating society), returning flowers to return the wish activities, wandering around the sacrifice activities and funeral events. Shigong dance is popular in Shanglin County and it was mainly distributed in Dafeng, Chengtai, Sanli and other townships. In the process of long-term spread, the Zhuang Shigong Dance and local Yue witch culture were constantly integrated and mixed and evolved into a unique dance culture gradually.

At the same time, Shanglin Zhuang Shigong Dance is a modern relic of ancient dance. It provides abundant information for the study of the history of Chinese dance, especially the Chinese minority dance. It can even be called as the "Living Fossil" of ancient Zhuang dance. On May 30, 2012, Shanglin Zhuang Shigong Dance was listed in the fourth batch of representative items of intangible cultural heritage at the autonomous regional level in Guangxi. Lei Guifeng is the fifth generation inheritor of Shanglin Zhuang Shigong Dance and he was listed on the fifth batch of Nanning City-level inheritors in 2015.

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