Luyu Chunshe Culture of Shanglin County


“Luyu Chunshe” is a grand temple fair with a long history of hundreds of years in Mushan Village, Shanglin County. In ancient times, there were two fixed days for worshiping the gods of the earth in spring and autumn which were called Chunshe and Qiushe. Chunshe is the second day of February in lunar calendar, and “Luyu Chunshe” of Mushan Village has had the ancient custom passed down. The traditional temple fair of “Luyu Chunshe” was spontaneously organized by the nearby villagers. After nearly ten years of continuous development, the scale of the temple fair is getting bigger and bigger, and the content is getting richer and richer. In spring when farming is about to be in full swing, people go to temple fair and watch performances, praying for good weather all the year round.

On the second day of February in lunar calendar, Luyu Temple in Mushan Village, Shanglin County will hold bullfighting, cockfighting, spring ceremony, sacrifices and other activities, among which bullfighting is the most eye-catching event.

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