Longmu Filial Culture in Shanglin County


In the later period of primitive society, a childless woman, living in Shimen Village, Tanghongxiang, Shanglin County, adopted a snakelet out of kindness. She accidentally cut the tail of the snakelet away when she cut the vegetable for pig, she therefore named the snakelet as Tejue (Zhuang ethnic language, meaning “short tail dragon”), and treasured the snakelet as her own son. After Tejue grew up, he kept taking care of his foster mother and the surrounding people. After his foster mother died, Tejue buried her in a cave behind Shimen Mountain, and came to sweep her tomb every year on 3rd March in Chinese lunar calendar. People then called the lake where snake Tejue lived as Shinan Sea, his foster mother as Longmu (literally meaning “Mother of Dragon”), and the cave burying his foster mother as Ganxian. People therefore host grand worship ceremony alongside Shinan Sea every 3rd March in Chinese lunar calendar. This day then becomes the common festival for original Nanyue ethnic groups (ancestors of Zhuang and Dong nationalities), and the origin of “San Yue San”, the traditional festival of Zhuang nationality on the third day of the third lunar month.

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