Mashan County: ecological construction beautifies Yao Village and featured tourism becomes highlight


At Gulangtun, Guzhai Yao Nationality Village of Mashan County, what jump into eyes are the uninterrupted, grand karst stone mountains, mountain streams, and tidy, orderly-arranged small western-style buildings. All of these have fascinated the tourists from afar. A few days ago, the reporter learned that due to favorable living environment, Gulangtun attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. The featured tourism of Guzhai Yao Village is becoming a shining “signboard”.

As the sun sets, the street lamps send out yellow light. Walking into Gulangtun, one can see the hardened road flanked by green, leafy trees. Not far along the road is limpid rivulet, which leads to the farmyard inn.

“Since opening two years ago, it has been attracting many citizens, which has increased our income.” said by Pan Guochen, the owner of the inn. Hardened road, purified water, and greening and brightened villages have improved the livable standard and attracted tourists. The production and living of residents become more convenient, they have found their ways to affluence, and the construction of a livable village of Guzhai Yao Nationality Village is making progress.

Since the launch of the “Beautiful Nanning, Livable Village” activity, Guzhai Yao Nationality Village has been pushing forward towards hardened road, purified water and greening and brightened villages. So far, it has put in place the greening projects for 120 natural villages and has completed the greening work of 3 exemplary villages and the construction of 8 drinking-water projects and 28 village-level roads. Many Yao Nationality - style villages are under construction.

“Year after year, I believe this village will become more and more livable.” said Qin Qinghua, Party Secretary of the village.

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