Qingxiu District issues multiple measures to strengthen rural highway construction


As learned from Rural Works Office of Qingxiu District a few days ago, Qingxiu District has placed great importance to rural highway construction since carrying out the activity of "livable village". It has improved the procurement management system, tightened up the control of design, strengthened the implementation of a disclose system, improved the requirements for quality and safety supervision, and ensured better construction quality of rural highway.

As to improving the procurement management system, the procurement should be conducted strictly in accordance with the tendering and bidding procedure in the manner as provided by relevant financial authorities and governmental procurement catalogue and quota. The engineering tendering and bidding system and contract management system should also be implemented; as to tightening up the control of design, the construction design plans should be based on local natural environment and geological conditions. During the construction, the construction designers should provide full-process tracking service; as to strengthening the implementation of a disclose system, social supervision can be introduced to improve transparency of construction projects; and as to improving quality and safety supervision, efforts should be made to improve the rules and regulations on the quality and safety supervision of highway construction, amplify the quality and safety supervision network of highway construction, and strengthen the supervision on the involved companies, the review and the law enforcement of quality inspection authorities.

So far, Qingxiu District has newly built rural highway of 36.75 kilometers and 117 roads leading to villages extending 237.04 kilometers, becoming Guangxi's first county (district) with cement roads connecting to every village.

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