Agricultural researchers study main principles of 19th CPC National Congress to enhance scientific and technical capabilities and help increase farmers' income


According to reports of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers are fundamental problems to the national economy and people's livelihood, which should be given top priority among the Party’s work. The reports are the bugle call for developing modern agriculture. After listening to the reports, Nanning's agricultural researchers were deeply inspired and determined to develop advanced technology and continuously helped farmers increase income.

On October 23rd, the reporter arrived at Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, seeing that all researchers were so committed to their work. "Our country has undergone a rapid development and dramatic changes in recent years. Especially, its support to agricultural research and research results spreading has been increasingly intensified", said Bai Xianjin, a researcher of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Bai Xianjin is one of the first-batch of "Bagui Scholars" as well as the winner of 2017 National Innovation Pioneer Award. Since 2005, Bai has been committed to demonstrating, promoting and applying the cultivation technique of double cropping grape with his research team, which has prolonged the picking period of fresh grapes, increased farmers' income and driven the development of Guangxi's grape industry.

As to the cultivation technique of double cropping grape, Bai knows everything about it, "Before the technique appeared, grape could only grow at north Guangxi in a single cropping pattern." To change this situation, the researchers at Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences made bold innovations. After the grape was cropped for the first time and a month's recovery, it was stimulated for sprouting and yielding fruits for a second time in the same year by pruning and accelerating germination. The research made the dream of double cropping grape came true in China for the first time and won 9 patents for invention.

Bai said, "The 19th National Congress of CPC is the horn for advancing towards a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is really inspiring. In the future, I will thoroughly study the main principles of it and try to become an expert that knows agriculture well and love rural areas and farmers. I will accelerate the upgrading of my scientific and technological capabilities, develop more new crop varieties and more advanced technology, and continue to strengthen the commercialization of research findings so as to deeply root scientific farming in the mind of farmers and make them gain more income.”

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