Long’an County


Long’an County is located in central Guangxi by southwest on both sides of the downstream of the Youjiang River and in the northwest of Nanning. It neighbors Wuming County and Xixiangtang District to its east, Chongzuo City and Fusui County to its south, Daxin County and Tiandeng County to its west and Pingguo County to its north. It covers an area of 2,277 sq. km2 and its county government is stationed in Chengxiang town. Nanning-Kunming Railway, Nanning-Baise Class 2 highway, Nanning-Baise Expressway and Youjiang River navigation channel run through Long’an.

Tourism resources in Long’an include Longhu Mountain Nature Reserve (one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Nanning), drafting along the Lushui River, E’shan Hill Tourist Resort, Bangshanwen Tower, Buquan river sceneries, and Yanjiang old town.

Long’an has mineral resources such as gold, silver, coal and crystal. The silver reserve in Fenghuang Mountain ranks 3rd in China and 1st in Guangxi. Specialties include chestnut, litchi, longan, banana, and chicken. It’s called “home of chestnut” in China. In 2010, it had under its jurisdiction 6 towns, 4 townships, 118 administrative villages, 13 communities and 1240 sub-villages. The total registered population by the end of 2010 was 402,200, including 360,200 people with rural household registration and 42,000 people with urban registration. The rate of natural increase was 6.55. The arable land area was 62,600 hectares, including 12,500 hectares of rice field. Forest covers 75,200 hectares with the forest coverage rate of 57.9%. Long’an’s GDP was 3.898 billion yuan and the total fiscal revenue reached 280 million yuan including the general local fiscal budgetary revenue of 160 million yuan whereas the general budgetary expenditures amounted to 794 million yuan. Urban citizens’ disposable income per capita was 14,352 yuan and farmers’ net income per capita was 3,938 yuan.

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