Shanglin County


Shanglin County is located in central south Guangxi and northeast Nanning, to the east of Daming Mountain. It neighbors Laibin City to its east, Binyang County to its south, Wuming County to its southwest, Mashan County to its northeast and Xincheng County to its north. It covers an area of 1869.64 sq. km2 and its county government is stationed in Dafeng Town. Two Class 2 highways connect Shanglin to Binyang and Mashan.

Tourism resources in Shanglin include Daming Mountain Nature Reserve, Dalong Lake tourist resort, Sanli Yangdu scenic area, Bugu Village, and ancient Zhicheng Town relic site.

Shanglin has 31 types of mineral resources such as gold, iron, zinc, antimony, coal, talcum, quartz, marble and calcite. The vanadium reserve in Shanglin is about 30 million tons. Specialties in Shanglin include rice, tea, sugar cane and star anise. In 2010, it had under its jurisdiction 7 towns, 4 townships (including 1 Yao ethnic township), 131 administrative villages, 16 communities and 1355 sub-villages. The total registered population by the end of 2010 was 487,700, including 434,800 people with rural household registration and 52,900 people with urban registration. The rate of natural increase was 16.43. The arable land area was 27,500 hectares, including 16,700 hectares of rice field. Forest covers 98,900 hectares with the forest coverage rate of 54.7%. Shanglin’s GDP was 3.217 billion yuan and the total fiscal revenue reached 226 million yuan including the general local fiscal budgetary revenue of 142 million yuan whereas the general budgetary expenditures amounted to 1.122 million yuan. Urban citizens’ disposable income per capita was 13,951 yuan and farmers’ net income per capita was 3,863 yuan.

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