Mashan County


Mashan County is located in central Guangxi by west and north Nanning, and to the south of middle Hongshui River and the north of Daming Mountain. It neighbors Shanglin and Xincheng County to its east, Wming County to its south, Pingguo County and Dahua County to its west and Du’an County to its north with Hongshui river in between. It covers an area of 2345.33 sq. km2 and its county government is stationed in Baishan Town. Shuiren-Nanning Expressway and national highway #210 run through Mashan and 2 Class 2 highways link Mashan to Dahua and Shanglin respectively.  

Tourism resources in Mashan include Jinlun Cave, Daming Mountain Nature Reserve, Nongla Nature Reserve, Bailong Beach sceneries, Lingyang Temple, the Green Valley Eco-Agricultural Garden, Jinchai Stone Forest and Qiaolao Ethnic Garden.

Mashan has 23 types of mineral resources such as coal, manganese, iron, tungsten, copper, talcum, kaolin, barite, calcite, pyrauxite, and lime stone. Specialties include black goat, chicken, honeysuckle, star anise and black beans. It’s the “home of black goat and of folk culture art”. The three-part harmony folk song popular in Mashan has been included in the extension list of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Mashan has Subo Industrial Center. In 2010, it had under its jurisdiction 7 towns, 4 townships (including 2 Yao ethnic townships), 145 administrative villages, 6 communities and 3001 sub-villages. The total registered population by the end of 2010 was 542,700, including 499,800 people with rural household registration and 42,900 people with urban registration. The rate of natural increase was 8.8. The arable land area was 22,700 hectares, including 10,300 hectares of rice field. Forest covers 141,000 hectares with the forest coverage rate of 60.49%. Mashan’s GDP was 3.164 billion yuan and the total fiscal revenue reached 218 million yuan including the general local fiscal budgetary revenue of 138 million yuan whereas the general budgetary expenditures amounted to 985 million yuan. Urban citizens’ disposable income per capita was 14,379 yuan and farmers’ net income per capita was 3,824 yuan.

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