Nanning’s administrative zoning


Nanning has under its jurisdiction 6 districts of Xingning, Jiangnan, Qingxiu, Xixiangtang, Yongning and Liangqing, 6 counties of Wuming, Hengxian, Binyang, Shanglin, Mashan and Long’an, and 3 national development zones of Nanning New and High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Nanning Economic and Technological Development Zone and Guangxi-ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone. Nanning already applied in February, 2015 to the State Council and was approved to eliminate Wuming County and turn the area into another district. The relevant administrative work is under way now. In recent years, Nanning has accelerated the development of Wuxiang New Area and Fengling area in line with its urban development layout of expanding eastward, building western part, improving northern part, upgrading southern part with the Yongjiang River as the axis and the southward development as focus and the urban development requirements of modernity, environmental friendliness, convenience and distinction.

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