With Zhuang as its principal part, Nanning is a capital city of multi-ethnic minorities. There are over 50 nationalities, such as Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Mulao, Dong, Hui, Man, Maonan, Tujia, Buyi, Shui, Li, Jing, Yi, Menggu, Bai, Chaoxian, Gelao, Dai, Hani, Gaoshan, Zhang, Tu, Xibai, Naxi, and Lahu minorities, etc., living harmoniously with each other here. 11 nationalities, namely, Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Mulao, Dong, Hui, Man, Maonan, Tujia and Buyi minorities, respectively has a total population of over 1000. Zhuang minority people are the native inhabitants here, with other minorities immigrating from different parts of the country in succession. In the year of 2012, Nanning had a total population of 7.135 million, of which 4.14 million are ethnic minorities, accounting for 58.02% of the total population. The total minority population ranks first among the five capital cities of autonomous regions in China. The urban minority population account for 58.18% of the total population, with minority population of Yongning district, Liangqing district, Xingning district, Jiangnan district, Qingxiu district and Xixiangtang district respectively accounting for 94.60%, 89.24%, 63.47%, 51.14%, 46.99%, 42.69% of the district total population. And the county minority population account for 58.06% of total population, with minority population of Long’an county, Wuming county, Mashan county, Shanglin county, Hengxian county and Binyang county respectively account for 96.79%, 86.71%, 82.52%, 84.54%, 38.87%, 20.65% of the county total population. Han nationality is distributed throughout the whole city, most densely inhabiting in Binyang, Hengxian and all districts except Yongning district and Liangqing district. Yao nationality mainly lives in Mashan and Shanglin counties. Miao nationality is distributed throughout all parts of the city, densely inhabiting in the districts. Other minority nationalities as well as Hui, Man, Dong nationalities mainly live in the districts. There are 3 minority villages, namely Guzhai Yao minority village and Lidang Yao minority village of Mashan County, and Zhenwei Yao minority village of Shanglin County.




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