China-ASEAN Expo Culture Exhibition Open


China-ASEAN Expo Culture Exhibition 2017 will be held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 13 to 16. This year's culture exhibition, with the theme of “jointly building 21st-century maritime silk road and interlinking people’s common aspiration of China and ASEAN”, will forge a China-ASEAN cultural exchange platform integrating exhibition, experience and observation and welcomed by the public, with the communications in professional fields and diversified elements.

On the culture exhibition, there will be a procurement matchmaking meeting for China-ASEAN cultural products, in which nearly 60 overseas enterprises from the Middle East, Europe and the America, as well as cultural industry project owners and investors, handicraft wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters from various provinces and cities of China participating in the exhibition, which will further improve economic and trade effectiveness and enhance the level of specialization.

At the same period, China-ASEAN Micro Film Festival, China-ASEAN Creative Life Shopping Festival, China-ASEAN (Nanning) International Dance Culture Festival, China-ASEAN Children's Art Festival will also be held.

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