China - ASEAN Expo Brunei Exposition Concludes Smoothly


The four-day China-ASEAN Expo Brunei Exposition officially concluded recently, according to the secretariat of China-ASEAN Expo. The China-ASEAN Expo Brunei Exposition was not only the innovation promoting economic and trade cooperation between China and Brunei to a new high, but also a preheating and prelude of the theme country activities.

The China-ASEAN Expo Brunei Exposition was tailored for Brunei Market. Based on this opportunity, Brunei enterprises further expanded their needs on merchandise trade and mutual investment with China and other ASEAN countries, and Chinese enterprises harvested a lot on market conditions, investment environment, and trade information of Brunei.

The China-ASEAN Expo Brunei Exposition is the first activity of the 14th China-ASEAN Expo Theme Country Activities. The organizer will continue to explore new initiatives to enrich the theme country activities, deepen cooperation on energy, infrastructure, education, culture, tourism and other areas, and promote the development of friendly relations between all parties.

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