Brunei to serve as Country of Honor for China-ASEAN EXPO again


Following first serving as the country of honor in 2007, the first launching year of “Country of Honour” working mechanism on the fourth China-ASEAN EXPO (CAEXPO), Brunei will once again serve as the country of honor for CAEXPO, according to news from the CAEXPO Secretariat.

Before the opening ceremony of the CAEXPO, Brunei will arrange theatrical performances with its own characteristics to highlight the elements of Brunei and promote cultural exchanges, so as to further enrich the content about the country of honor. At the same time, it will also hold a series of theme activities.

Brunei will first make a block booking, and organize a number of powerful enterprises and promising projects to join the exhibition in Nanning, aiming at comprehensively displaying its national image, outstanding achievements and potential business opportunities in various aspects, and deepening the cooperation between China and Brunei in energy, infrastructure, small and medium enterprises, halal food, education, culture and tourism, thus to promote the development of friendly relation between China and Brunei.

In addition, Bandar Seri Begawan will once again serve as Brunei’s "charm of the city". It will comprehensively display its fascinating historic site, unique culture and customs, and colorful national art to fully embody its potential in development.

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