Longmu Festival on March 3th


The Shimen Longmu Culture of Tanghong Town, Shanglin County has a long history. It is one of the birthplaces of the Longmu Culture in the Pearl River Valley and the “San Yue San” traditional festival. Every year on the March 3th of Chinese Lunar Calendar, Tanghong Town organizes Longmu Culture Festival to carry forward the relationship of mother with tenderness and child with filial duty, continues to expand the connotation of Longmu Culture, and promotes the harmonious development of society. The "Nine Dragons’ Memorial Ceremony for Dragon Mother" ritual is the core part of the Longmu Culture Festival. Under the accompaniment of the gongs and drums, nine dragons dance at the same time and chase the embroidered ball, which not only retains the traditional symbolic meaning, but also has high ornamental value and is deeply embraced by the people of all ethnic groups.

In addition, there are rich activities such as Shigong Dance, Zhuang Folk Songs, Zhuang Drums Show for Memorial Ceremony for Dragon Mother, Education Activity on the Relationship of Mother with Tenderness and Child with Filial Duty, Celebration of Centenarian's Birthday, 100-seat Banquet, and Tasting Zhuang Long-life Five-color Rice, etc.

In recent years, the influence of the traditional folk activities of Longmu Festival in Shanglin County has gradually expanded, which has strongly promoted the development of Longmu Culture and tourism industry in Shanglin Country.

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