Shanglin Duhegong Festival


The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is a Chinese traditional festival, the Dragon Boat Festival. However, instead of commemorating Qu Yuan, the Zhuang people in Shanglin County of Guangxi commemorate the human ancestor of their faith -- the “Duhegong” on this day.

The “Duhegong Festival” is a folk traditional festival with rich cultural connotation of Zhuang nationality. After more than 400 years of historical evolution, it still maintains the primitive and simple beauty of Zhuang nationality. It is a miniature of Zhuang nationality’s local customs in Shanglin County and it is rare to be able to maintain this kind of customs in the folk history of Guangxi and even the whole country.

Shanglin County’s “Duhegong” is famous for its long history, deep meaning, unique craftsmanship, and exquisite embroidered skills. It has become a “Living Fossil” of the memory of local Zhuang culture as well as one of the favorite souvenirs of visitors. The “Duhegong” traditional handicrafts have been listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection List of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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