Liangqing District invigorates folk culture to realize rural development


During the “San Yue San” Festival-- a traditional folk festival of Zhang Nationality, which takes place on 3rd March in Chinese Lunar Calendar, Liangqing District held series of thematic activities-- “Liaoluo Folk Songs Winding through Picturesque Mountains in Liangqing” to inspire new vitality of its intangible cultural heritages and regain the “apple” of urban intangible culture that once lost. Through inheritance and development, Liangqing District presented to the public its glorious intangible cultural heritages.

In recent years, the urban area of Liangqing District has held high the banner of cultural development in order to enhance its soft power, constantly spending its efforts in cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism, inheriting and developing the fine traditional Chinese culture, and building a spiritual home for residents. With its profound culture, Liangqing widely spreads its local folk culture in the urban area, especially in the vast rural areas, making its fabulous cultural heritages known to more. In rural areas, excellent folk culture exerts a positive impact on both its new image and development.

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