Huapo Festival of Pumiao Town held in Nanning


Numerous Huapo (nannies in floral clothes) were in a parade.

On April 27 (March 12th in Chinese lunar calendar), local people gathered at the door of Wusheng Palace of Pumiao Town to queue for “Blessing Porridge”, which was a scene at the celebration of the 287th anniversary of Huapo (goddess of procreation for Zhuang ethnic group, featured by nannies in floral clothes) Festival in Pumiao Town in 2018.

This year’s Festival, lasting from April 20th to 27th, featured a rich variety of folk activities, like folk culture exhibition, praying activities, display of how rice noodles were made and an eating contest, finger-guessing game contest, hundred family reunion banquets and folk product exhibition. The Festival came to a climax by the folk culture parade on April 27th, attracting over 30,000 tourists.

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