“Rice Food Heritage of the Floating Family” Project of Yongning District


The Xinxing Community in Yongning District pays great attention to the excavation of the overwater culture of Bachi River. The rice food heritage and overwater folk song training of the river held by the community annually attracts nearly 2,000 young people. The project “Rice Food Heritage of the Floating Family” has been named 2017 National Lifelong Learning Brand.

The floating family is also called Dan People who have created unique cultures with their own effort, among which the most distinctive non-material cultures are overwater folk songs, overwater rice food, overwater wedding, overwater birthday celebration and overwater moon worship, etc. The Dan People in Yongning District who cannot cook without rice, always gather together and make more than 20 kinds of fine rice food on the basis of their millennium rice food culture and specialty food on the lunar New Year’s Day or other festivals. The rice food is handmade with good taste, and is deeply loved by people.

Integrating a wide variety of resources, Xinxing Community regularly holds rice food heritage activity. It carries out large-scale rice food production and education activities in traditional festivals every year such as the Dragon Boat Festival, and it has also invited Nanning University, Guangxi Teachers Education University, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine and other colleges to establish volunteer bases in the community, and invited rice food masters to teach cooking skills to the volunteering students. On the basis of mutual benefit, it not only offers young students a chance to broaden their horizons and increase their entrepreneurial skills, but also solves the student problem of rice food heritage.

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