Nanning Qingxiu District speeds up construction of law-based government


To improve the level of law-based administration and the construction of law-based government, Qingxiu District held the Law-based Government Work Conference and the Signing Ceremony of Employing Legal Advisory Companies on May 10th, hiring 6 government legal advisory companies to provide 3 years legal advisory services for Qingxiu District.

In 2018, to enhance the role of legal advisers in Party committee, government and public institutions and to better utilize legal advisers in public management of Qingxiu District, through government procurement platform, in the way of open bidding, Qingxiu District firstly hired 6 legal advisory companies that have profound professional expertise, rich experiences and unique strengths to provide qualified and effective legal advisory services for Qingxiu District’s Party committee, government, the NPC, the CPPCC, all public institutions, all towns, streets, development areas as well as functional departments at all levels.

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